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About Dolphin Movement

Dolphin Movement® is a journey towards your truest self of love and light and remembrance of your true nature. It is a school of transformation towards self-realization. 

Dolphin Movement® is meant to take you to unity with Supreme Consciousness. It is a movement towards truth, unconditional love, equality, and freedom. It is a calling towards oneness, the one heart of all. It is about giving you a voice and speaking up. It is about seeing with eyes of love and not prejudice. Dolphin Movement® is redefining leadership as a state of enlightenment. Silence is the true wisdom keeper.

All offerings are meant to take you into union with all that is. The spiritual coaching sessions, online programs, and silence retreats will help you to remember your true origin while staying grounded in your body. You will connect to your spirit guides and be supported to rest in your soul essence in your personal and professional life.

The teachings of Dolphin Movement® are connected to my current research in integrating transcendent states of consciousness. I have chosen the term dolphin because of my love for dolphins and inner guidance. The term symbolizes the state of unity consciousness of dolphins that is aimed for in all of my teachings. What I am seeing in humanity is a disconnect between the body and the Divine, between the mind and the Divine, between sexuality and the Divine, between the personality and the Divine, and also between the personal soul and the Divine source of all that is. All of my offerings are aimed at healing the split from the Divine so that again you may feel whole, living your purpose.

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