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Pathways into Dolphin Playfulness

Learn the Language of Playfulness and Joy Rejuvenating Your Soul
A Selection of Different Entries into the Intuitive and Playful Self

A 21-day course in 7 modules
You will receive a new practice every 3rd day.

Module 1
How Lightly Can Your Feet Touch Mother Earth?
Swimming on Land

Module 2
Is Your Body as Fluid as Your Mind?
Swimming in Water

Module 3
Is Your Breath Dancing in Your Body Creating More Space?
Swimming in Breath

Module 4
Do You Truly Value Who You Are?
Swimming in Love

Module 5
What is the Sound Vibration of Your Heart and Soul?
Swimming in the Sound of Your Soul Essence

Module 6
Do You Feel the Connection to All of Existence?
Swimming in Energy

Module 7
Are You Ready to Truly Stop and Listen Within?
Swimming in Silence

Enroll in the program for your use at home. You will receive private membership access to listen online from any device or download the meditations at any time.