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Full Moon Inspiration December 2017 – Exceptional and Transcendent Experiences

We are often expecting to encounter special psychic experiences within our meditations or we pray for liberation to finally get out of this reality.

Unfortunately, there is no way out. We have incarnated specifically for this time. And psychic experiences are not the goal of spirituality or meditation. My teacher Swami Veda said to someone who complaint about not experiencing anything special in his meditations, “Lucky you”. The goal indeed is a peaceful mind. And if not, so what. Keep meditating anyway. You deserve the break from daily life.

Meditation is like a bit like a washing machine. It cleanses you. Thoughts are surfacing like dirt that is being washed away. No need to pay attention, just celebrate the effect of the cleanse. Meditation is like taking an inner shower.

Lately, I have felt compelled to sort through my belongings as part of an outer cleanse. It has been like consciously sorting through my personality and allowing parts of it to leave. I feel that outer and inner cleaning are part of the journey. It is creating change from both ends. Household cleaning is another beautiful way of an outside approach for inner clearing. Next time you clean, do it consciously with gratitude like a meditation working from outside in.

On the other hand if you do encounter special experiences on the path and you find yourself changing, it is very helpful to talk about such experiences. This supports integration and a shift into your next level of consciousness.

Since we do find ourselves on this planet at this time, let us create an as loving environment as possible. The more loving we are, the more we inspire others. It is on us to create the field around us. Practicing gratitude and peace within will make your life more pleasant and that of many others.