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Happy New Year Inspiration January 2018 – My Story

I have wondered for a long time if I should share this evolving experience with you. Since having listened to other people having gone through a similar evolutionary process has really helped my own integration over the years, I decided to share this special shift in my life with you. 

Over ten years ago I noticed this most beautiful spirit in the corner of the room. I asked my friend and mentor at that time who that wondrous being is. He replied “Consider that this is you.” I could not quite comprehend the importance. Shortly after I received my name PremDevi. It has since been a magic journey with many waves of karma to be cleared. At some point I could experience this sweet spirit more often, communicate with her, be guided and held.

This has been an extensive journey of personal transformation through continuous spiritual certification trainings and mentoring that actually started way back in my twenties. Over and over I had to courageously face myself, my shadow, and all of my unpleasant patterns including the socially accepted ones. It has taken enormous courage, compassion, and forgiveness to be on this journey which continuous. Humility is what it takes to bring light and shadow together in love.

At some point I was able to feel this spirit that so far seemed to be separate from me, actually inside of myself. First experiences were magic and I got to understand that this spirit was me on another dimension. Initially I was only able to hold the experience for about 5 min. This was all so beautiful that my whole endeavour went into practicing embodying this beautiful spirit that really was me. As it is if more light is being poured into a container, more of the dust of personal issues come to the surface to be dealt with, so another wave of purification occurs. The spiritual path does take endurance and commitment.

Finally this year in a moment of immense gratitude and love, my heart burst through and I got to experience myself fully in the light of and as this sweet spirit. The enormous amount of love that I experienced as me was and is limitless. Nothing else really matters on Earth existence besides anchoring love and light. This includes ourselves. This love and light of our true essence needs to first be anchored into our bodies and into our own lifes. Then we can transmit and share it with others.

The practice of love starts within, in our own hearts. The past few months I have had my main focus on embodying this experience of love and shower of light into my daily existence. I am now resting more in my eternal Self. My former personality is like a fading memory. I get to consciously choose now to create a new and more loving personality. Integrating the layers of being eternal while living this embodied life is an adventure.

As magic as all this sounds, the waves of clearing and purification continue from personal topics to collective ones. What is different is that I see it like taking a bath, a daily happening of cleansing, there is no holding on, there are only waves.

My life’s focus is now on how to best share this passage in support of your shift into your true essence of love and light. I am here for you with support, compassion, honest reflection, and transmissions of light frequencies in one-on-one sessions via phone and through my upcoming online programs and new weekend workshops.

Wishing you a blessed New Year filled with magic and angel sparkles!

In love and light,