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Illuminating Your Essence

Remember and Embody Your Soul Essence
Various Approaches to Discover and Live Your Essence in Full Authenticity

A deep coaching and meditation exploration guided via audio into your soul essence developed by Devi Prem
7 Modules with practice reminders and inspirations to deepen the exploration of your essence.

Module 1
Reconnecting with Earth and Her Spirits

Module 2
What Are Your Essential Characteristics that Have Always Accompanied You?

Module 3
Take a Deep Breath. It is All Ok. You Are Enough!

Module 4
What Do You Love?

Module 5
Find and Follow Your Soul’s Calling

Module 6
The Vibration of Your Soul

Module 7
Relaxing into Pure Being

Enroll in the program for your use at home. You will receive private membership access to listen online from any device or download the meditations at any time.