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Leadership Spirit

I am committed to supporting you to stay true to yourself, take leadership, and network in connection with your soul’s calling.

Questions about marketing, branding, group facilitation?

Devi will support you to run your business and see clients with a spiritual approach. Check out Devi’s session offer or contact her with an inquiry.

The purpose is to connect you to your own inner guidance and wisdom. 

“You have been helping me embody leadership and that is making a difference in my relationships and in my life. I appreciate your emphasis on authenticity. I have deep gratitude for the profound breakthrough.”  Shanti, Mt. Shasta, CA

In this time we need leaders that are tuned to source. Leaders that meditate and that understand how to take experiences of higher states of consciousness into consistent states of being. This is true empowerment from within, humble, and unconditionally loving.

Manifest your leadership potential. Learn to bring your meditation practice into a 24/7 new state of consciousness. Change Your Life from within or by changing your movement style.


Establish Personal Connections in Moments

Presence! Focus! Effectiveness!

Make real connections when first encountering a potential client, in person or on the phone. Learn about marketing calls and how to consciously connect.

Dedicating yourself to your inner transformation with sincerity will shift the level of consciousness from which you live your professional life and lead yourself and others.

My personal background is based on Executive Leadership Training, ancient Himalayan Meditation Practices, and Expressive Arts through Movement while currently being enrolled in a Ph.D. program in psychology.

My approach is to create a new generation of leaders who make wise decisions based on intuition and agape–unconditional love–by being tuned into source and connected to Earth. Such leaders take action by following their inner calling, manifesting their own mission. They embody a presence in which gentleness and standing in one’s power co-exist, living from a place of inner truth and authenticity. I support your transformation through lightwork, coaching, energy work, creative expression, dance, bodywork, and/or meditation.


  • Develop heart-centered connections

  • Be in Your Essence

  • Live your mission

  • Be a leader in your own life embodying your messages

  • Enjoy being yourself

Transform yourself and your business into what you always wanted it to be, living your soul’s purpose.

Learn to Lead from Your Essence

Connect to your higher frequency as your own inner power source for knowing what actions to take.

Live in Abundance, Authenticity, Synchronicity,
and Responsibility for Yourself and for Humanity!

Contact Devi to learn how to manifest your transformative leadership potential. Change Your Life from within through coaching and meditation.

Dive Deep into Your Own Soul Essence

Be Connected to Source

Live in Synchronicity

Know Your Mission

It is time for you to relax into who you are. Being yourself should not be an effort. Living from your essence you have unlimited energy available to you. In truth, you are a very powerful being and you can move mountains.

The new path leading from your essence.

  • Be your authentic self
  • Lead from your heart
  • Your soul knows the answer

Are you ready for…

  • Clarity without effort
  • Dedicated mind, gentle body
  • Intuition and synchronicity

Being feminine in a masculine world.

As a woman, you know that the emancipation movement of having to be masculine to fit in has not fulfilled your soul.

As a man you know that the feminine attribute of intuition and feeling has been very valuable in your life.

There is a path of balancing both the feminine and masculine within. To relax into your essential nature. There is space for being in your heart and having compassion, making decisions out of intuition, while keeping your clarity, giving instructions and guiding others.

As a unique being you know that when you trust your heart and intuition, you are making the best life and leadership decisions.


This is the best time to invest in yourself.
Leadership starts with leadership from within, living the life you have always dreamed about. Living your uniqueness as an authentic and conscious leader.

You were born for a reason. You have a mission. You have an immense amount of life experiences. This is your business asset.

It is possible to make a difference and be a contribution to your community and humanity.

Make a difference in the life of others and for this planet. Isn’t what you have always wanted to do?

Trust to follow your soul’s messages. You are not in touch with your intuition, yet? I am more than happy to teach you practices that will allow you to listen deeply within.

Begin the process of inquiry to identify your personal style and start to remove barriers that are keeping you from fulfilling your goals. Devi will assist you in moving through life’s transitions and changes; defining your calling and purpose; finding work/life balance, and learning the practices designed for you to have the life you want.

Expand Your Possibilities

Coaches guide leaders by observing them, directing them into new practices, pointing out their habits, encouraging them to do better, and asking them to excel in areas they didn’t even think were possible.

Devi has inspired hundreds to live their soul fulfillment.

Contact Devi to Learn More!

Create Leadership Awareness! 

The Purpose is to Connect You to Your Own Inner Power Source.

“Devi has immensely supported me to find more clarity within as well as for my life’s path. She has helped me very much to get more easily in touch with the voice of my heart and my inner longing. Furthermore, Devi has supported me to accept and value my being with all its aspects. I learned to develop trust in myself and to recognize inner impulses much more easily. She has pointed out to look at things from different perspectives and therefore see new options. Devi shared lots of valuable information and very practical tips for implementation into my daily life. The sessions with Devi were held with love, ease and trust. In and after every session I felt myself energetically lifted and inspired. Altogether I feel more strength for my path now. Thank you very much Devi for your valuable work!” Anna, Germany

Devi has a BA in Business, successfully led a marketing agency in Germany in her late twenties, supported the academic program of Swami Veda Bharati’s ashram in India in her early thirties, has traveled the world and spent years in austere meditation practices. She is currently working on completing her Ph.D. researching states of transcendence. For more info about her background, go to About Devi.

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