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Meditation Inspiration June 2018 – Authentically Facing Oneself

Welcome to this month’s meditation inspirations and home to your true Self.

The last few weeks have been rather grounding in dealing with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). I learned a lot about cookies on a website. I have to admit I prefer the crispy chocolate chip ones, best with a cup of rich dark hot chocolate. Nevertheless, I updated my privacy policy. And if you are interested you can click on it on the footer of my website. There you can also find my code of ethics, mission statement, philosophy statement and a list of resources. Of course, you are always welcome to reach out to me.

So this has been the “chopping wood and carrying water” part of my spiritual path. The beautiful insights into existence that we may have in meditation or in nature or when joining a retreat need to get grounded into our daily activities. A good test is always, can I approach my tasks and be around people with equanimity or do I get triggered?

Well, in my almost thirty years of meditation, yoga, and dance practice with sincere self-observations it keeps coming around to that inner transformation. Am I ready to change, let go of past patterns, and face myself? This includes such ego tendencies as “I am not good enough”. Yes, those seemingly humble attitudes are actually not humble at all, but a mere ego attitude. Being humble means being receptive, honoring who you are with both your strength and weaknesses.

The spiritual path is a bit of a churning journey, kind of like being in a juicer until we have extracted the juice of the true Self. This is the receiving part, receiving our own true nature. Pretending to be spiritual does not lead us to that goal. Instead, authentically facing ourselves and creating the changes within will eventually show changes without.

May you find that bliss within so it may carry you through your days of being in the world.

In love and light,