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Meditation Inspiration April 2018 – Silent Whisper of Your Soul

Welcome to this month’s meditation inspirations. Meditation takes you to the silent whisper of your soul.

Over the decades, being trained in different traditions, I have experienced this whisper in various ways. It has appeared to me as a voice guiding me, as my innermost sound vibration, as mere light, as pictures, colors, and as pure silence. This whisper has appeared while dancing, while being in nature, while drawing, while sitting in meditation, while dreaming, and in the most surprising moments in an urban setting. There are many more ways to experience your soul’s calling.

For some people, it appears difficult to hear their soul’s whisper even though they know that this whisper is leading the path to their soul’s longing. It might take to turn off the TV, not get confused by all the messages of media and news, set social media aside, and honestly be with oneself. Using social media or a cell phone in itself is not the issue. The differentiation is attachment or non-attachment. Is it a distraction or a means to share light and love?

I find self-observation highly significant, noticing what is happening within my mind without judgment, honestly noticing, not just when sitting in meditation, but throughout in life. This type of meditative witnessing can become a continues practice while driving, while grocery shopping, and even while in conversation. Am I present in the moment or are my thoughts leading me elsewhere?

Then, I have the power to make a choice. If I find excuses for myself, I am not in my power to make a conscious decision for my thoughts and actions. Even if I end up not changing anything, at least I had a moment of choice. If I find excuses and am untruthful to myself, there is no freedom of choice.

This is not an easy path. It can be emotionally painful to see myself in a habit that I don’t value. Awareness is the first step towards change. Forgiveness is important. Take responsibility, forgive yourself, and move on.

Witnessing is the key. There might be tears, anger, doubt, or regret. All that may surface, and I can be in the witness, allowing another cycle of purification to happen. The secret is to not dwell on it but to allow the waves to move through; then the cycle may complete itself.

Love and compassion for yourself are essential in this process. May you love yourself so wholeheartedly that all identifications may dissolve into the ocean of eternal existence.

Wishing you Happy Easter holidays, whichever tradition you are celebrating.

In love and light,