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Meditation Inspiration February 2018 – Simply Stop!

Welcome home to yourself. You are the one called to share love with all of those around you.

It got clear to me today that this planet is at such a state of urgency that each of us needs to step up to share love with one another. There is plenty of fear and anger. We need to make efforts to be loving with ourselves, with one another, and with nature. If you feel called to share what you have learned with others, please do. Do not wait until you feel enlightened. In the ancient days that might have been the prerequisite. Times are different now and we all are called to make efforts. Every kind word and every smile is essential.

There was a time when I was impressed by people that are trained in all kinds of wonderful things. Today, I am much more impressed by people that handle a stressful life and full-heartedly are helpful, supportive, joyful, and always ready with a smile. I just read an article about one of the saints of India who in his later days was washing and feeding the sick. This is true enlightened service. If we can see unity in all that exists, we much more easily help each other and those in need. Good news, we don’t need to wait until enlightenment to offer love and kindness. It is not about that special something that our society praises so much. It is in love and humility, giving and receiving that we thrive.
I was invited to speak on a local radio show today. As I felt called to share very practical down to earth tips on how to best integrate meditation into a busy day and how to live a life dedicated to being in a state of meditation 24/7, I realized how important it is to share easy tools. I had been wondering why for the audio meditations that I am working on I have felt pointed to keeping modules very practical. Now I understand. I am called to share tools that are easy to remember and applied.

Here is my favorite 2-minute meditation “Down to Zero” for a busy workday.

Complete in your mind anything you have just done.


Focus your attention, in your vision, on what is next.
Allow this to emerge from within. This may be your next e-mail or your next conversation. Envision it.

Spend about 40 seconds on each of the sections. Of course, you are welcome to stay longer in the bliss of emptiness. Enjoy!

In love and light,