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My mission is guiding women to step up into leadership following their heart’s calling. I am here to transform hearts into union with the Divine through intuitive coaching and transpersonal practices like meditation, creative expression, and movement.

My life’s purpose is coming into fruition through the creation of Dolphin Movement®. These are teachings to take you into states of unconditional love towards yourself. I support you to be fully embodied and listen to your soul’s longing in order to fulfill your mission. I am dedicated to honor the sacred and lead you into deeper connection to yourself, to Mother Earth, and the Divine.

I am here to spread the message of Divine love, joy, and authenticity. You are being loved and always have been. I am holding space so that you may love yourself as the Divine being that you are, and for you to find and live your own truth.

My teachings are in alignment of an ancient lineage of ascended Masters. I would like you to be part of a new generation making wise decisions based on intuition and agape–Divine Love–by being tuned into source and connected to Earth. Such people take action by following their inner calling, manifesting their own mission. They embody a presence in which gentleness and standing in one’s power co-exist, living from a place of inner truth and authenticity.

I encourage you to live your deepest truth and authenticity, and to follow your inner calling, manifesting your own mission. I support you to remember your true essence through spiritual coaching, remote healing energy sessions, meditation, dance, creative expression, somatic awareness, and/or intimacy teachings.

This is a pathway toward your true Self! It is a journey home!