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I believe in a new humanity in which we co-create, live in connection to source, and in sacredness to Mother Earth. I believe in taking responsibility for our own lives. And I do believe that with teaching transpersonal practices to the generations to come in order to live their lives from within that we can create new types of sacred relationships, in which the feminine and masculine are balanced and in which we honor each other. My hope is that with intuitive leadership we can responsibly take this planet back into balance for generations to come.

I believe that love can heal humanity and embodiment is an important pathway for a shift in consciousness!

All of the outer seems like the surface entry door and a way of distracting humankind from what is real. I believe in standing firm in oneself without worries what society might say. I trust in the simple path, nature’s way, in which being is enough.

This is not about creating yet another method. This is about you being totally you, leading your life and others from your true Self.

I have dedicated my life to serve the Divine. I have spent years of selfless service for non-profit organisations and continue doing so several months a year. In the spirit of the ancient traditions of dakshina, giving gratitude to the teacher, I am donating 50% of my profits to the charitable organisation “Embracing the World”, founded by Mata Amritanandamayi Ma. My gratitude for the wisdom I have received is beyond words. My teachings are a way of giving forward. May you find your union with the Divine.