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Returning to Serenity

Find Inner Peace in All Areas of Your Life

Cultivate Meditations and Spiritual Practices that You Love
Meditations and creative spiritual practices enhancing inner peace and love for your personal exploration at home in 7 modules

Module 1
Longing for Being More in Touch with Your Body?
Touch and celebrate the creative spark dancing within you.

Module 2
Looking for Clarity and Inner Guidance?
Reach into the depths of your soul and write from a place of wisdom

Module 3
Off-center and Stressed?
Learn easy access to serenity and inner joy to find strength through discrimination

Module 4
Has Life become too Serious?
Discover your innate playfulness and love for life

Module 5
Lost Touch with Your Soul
Reconnect to your heart and find your essence through the depth of your innate creativity.

Module 6
Super Sensitive and Looking for a Solution?
Get in touch with the effects of sound vibration and how to influence your well-being.

Module 7
Too Much Input from Outside Voices?
Develop a deep sense of beauty within, being in touch with your true nature

Enroll in the program for your use at home. You will receive private membership access to listen online from any device or download the meditations at any time.