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Workshops and Retreats


My intention is to offer a nurturing environment in which you get to bring gratitude to your body, consciously create your personality, and offer attention to all parts of yourself with compassion. It is a sacred space, in which you get to live beauty and create art out of suffering. This includes ancient wisdom from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Each week we will explore a different aspect of Dolphin Movement®. These may be movement, meditation, creative expression, forgiveness, compassion, or gratitude practices.

On application only. Please, send a short e-mail about your interest to join to .
I will send you a payment link and the login information.
Investment: $20 subscription for minimum 5 weeks or $25 drop-in.


dates TBA, Mount Shasta, CA

We will explore in depth moving in and out of silence aiming to maintain that special state of consciousness throughout the day. The intention is to help you maintain your center in your daily life and surrounding. The weekend will rejuvenate you while offering you a variety of practices to return to serenity. You will receive free access to the accompanying online course and the membership site.

Here are a few samples of workshops I have taught, some of them internationally. I’d be happy to offer any one of these in your area. Please contact me directly if you’d like to produce a workshop.

7 Sacred Rhythms of Leadership Mt. Shasta by

DP Winter 2015 Tril Postcard